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With a tequila production approx. of 15,000 liters per day, developed by a traditional process but in an industrial plant.

a) Boiler: the factory has two boilers each fed with fuel and diesel which have the function of supply steam in two parts of the industrial process: cook and distillation.

b) Ovens: La Cofradia has 5 ovens made up of masonry, 2 with the capacity of 25 tons and 3 with the capacity of 52 tons each. La Cofradia uses this ovens because even they are slower than autoclaves (steel ovens) they are more traditional.

c) Grinder: this machine´s function is to separate the fiber from the juice of the agave.

d) Fermentation containers: La Cofradia has 18 tanks to formulation and fermentation all of them open and made them of stainless steel, with capacity of 18,000 liters each.

e) Distillation: there are 5 alambiques of stainless steel, 3 of them with the capacity of 5,000 liters each, and 2 others with the capacity of 1,500 liters each.

A museum whose protagonist is tequila, its legendary history and cultural charms, made ​​up of five permanent showrooms that inspire us step by step to enjoy good Tequila.

In Cofradia, the cave has 2000 barrels, with a capacity of 200 liters each is a fresh place surrounded of mango trees inside of the structure, so that helps to keep humidity and cold inside, besides to prevent the barrels absorb the tequila inside and get dry and break.