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Cofradia means brotherhood, coming from the time of the conquest, when big groups of people got together to create their own society with a religious porpoise governed by a “cofrade” person who commanded the cofradia and used to organize them according to their jobs. The place where the factory recently is, was called rancho cofradia and still.

Mr. Carlos Hernandez Hernandez used to work in a tequila factory, but then he wanted to continue his own way, so he started only buying and selling tequila, not producing it. After a while he decided to buy rancho Cofradia where he started to produce Tequila in 1990. In that time he was already married to Estela Ramos and together with their offspring that little by little were involved in the business, they created their own Cofradia as the word means.

La Cofradia S.A. de C.V. was founded 1991. Nowadays Ing. Carlos Hernandez Ramos CEO. And together with his family have taken the commitment of Tequila industry activities.