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is a company that has been producing and bottling Tequila for over 50 years. Our experience in the Tequila industry has made of us one of the best and finest in the market, always adapting and responding to needs in the global market.
La Cofradia always has distinguish as a company that produces quality products, excellent agave, made it with a traditional process, but in a modern industrial plant. But by all that, we mix this quality beverage with the traditional craft of Mexico, bottling our Tequilas in ceramic bottles and blown glass bottles, sharing with the world the true Mexico flavor.

In recent years we have exported successfully our Tequilas in countries like USA, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Japan, Russia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Italy, UK, among others. Through working together with our customers, they can find the perfect product that fits their market needs, that is why our products have been fully accepted worldwide.
Satisfying the most demanding tastes, La Cofardia quality and Tradition Company is known worldwide with such a great spirits brands variety exclusively made in Mexico.